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Digital Marketing Strategies for Hotel Industry

Digital Marketing Strategies for Hotel Industry

With the increase in number of people accessing internet to book their hotel reservations, the hotels are craving to gain better online visibility more than their industry peers or competitors. Therefore, the hotel industry is increasingly becoming more and more competitive and challenging. This forced the managers of the hotels to understand online marketing techniques and look out for the ways in order to gain online visibility apart from performing their daily job responsibilities.

With the kind of progress of the sophisticated technology the hotel industry and its managers are looking at digital channels or networks as their appropriate marketing source. Nevertheless, let’s have a quick glance at the digital marketing strategies that should be considered by the hotel managers or industry.

Unique and Well Optimized Hotel Website through SEO

A unique website is very important for a hotel especially in the current competitive hotel business. Not only that, your website should be well optimized through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which helps your hotel website in getting indexed and found by the search engines easily. Your website should have the following qualities in terms of SEO -

  • High-resolution
  • Hotel Images
  • Descriptions for every room
  • Maps and directions to your hotel
  • Details of amenities
  • Image-alt-tags
  • Heading tags
  • Robots.txt to name few
  • Different types of forms to collect their information

However, ‘Keywords’ and ‘Content’ of your website are the important factors that show impact on your website in search results. Therefore, create quality and great content using your targeted business keywords. For instance, if you are detailing about your hotel in Miami you need to use the targeted keywords like Hotels in Miami, Miami Best Hotels and you need to create content using those keywords explaining about your hotel such as destination, type of rooms, amenities, gadgets you provide and so on.

Attract your customers to make bookings for hotel reservations through your website and make sure that your customers do not leave you and look for alternative. Also, it’s suggested to observe the websites of your competitors and what they are doing to engage and interact with their audience. Find out the things like content, images and call-to-action attributes like forms etc on their website that attracts you and check if you have provided them on your website and ensure your website loads faster.

Optimize your Hotel Website for Mobile Users

As per a study 2/3 of hotels provide a mobile website where they can book their hotel reservation through mobile, while large part of profits are recorded by mobile consumers which also experienced the growth of in-room dining orders through mobile services. Besides, Google is seeing mobile usage overtaking the desktops by the end of the year 2013. So I think, this gave you the idea about the role of mobile website in hotel industry.

So, it’s essential to optimize your hotel website for mobile users as mobile marketing has been an important factor of digital marketing. Also, you can market your hotel business through variety of mobile marketing strategies such as

  • SMS advertising – Text Messages, Short Codes with 5 to 6 digits and so on
  • MMS advertising – Images, Slideshows, Videos etc
  • Location based services etc – Sending customized adverts and information through mobile networks

Make sure that you create a mobile version for your hotel website and make the booking for hotel reservation simple for the mobile users.

Make your Presence on Social Networks

The number of people using social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to communicate across the globe is growing day by day and especially spending most of their time on social networks. Moreover the traveling lovers look at social media networks to get or share any information thus making the social media management important in the hotel industry. The travelers also use mobile devices for booking hotel reservations directly with the hotel apart from using them to search for hotel locations and travelling options.

However, it is very important to choose the social channels that suit your purpose and the targeted market of your hotel business. You can use social channels to market your hotel by sharing the pictures of your hotel suites, special menus, amenities and activities and architectures of your hotel. Flickr, Pinterest, Tumbler, Instargram are few to name that can produce desired results for your hotel.

Not only that, you can also provide Facebook and several other apps to your targeted audience for booking reservations. You can also use social media to offer promotions to users such as giving discounts for your returning customers or for booking through the website.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways of digital marketing strategies to engage with your targeted and existing audience for your hotel marketing. Here are few tips for creating effective email marketing campaigns.

  • Create different campaigns and newsletters to interact with your audience
  • Your campaign could offer discounts for your repeating customer on their reservation bookings, free spa or shopping vouchers
  • You can send newsletters to your prospects offering discount coupons, lunch or dinner vouchers etc on their bookings for hotel reservation

Ensure adding attractive designs and images, call-to-action attributes like opting for registration, signing-up for newsletter etc and beautiful email templates with relevant and potential content in regard to your product or service.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

As everyone knows that PPC or Pay-Per-Click offers quick lead generation and online visibility, it can prove significant for hotel industry. However, you need to choose the ad network as there are several ad networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Yahoo etc. Based on your targeted audience, location and business objectives determine an ad network.

Collect Targeted Keyword List

You need to dig and research to collect the keywords list for your hotel business. Google Keywords Tool is the best source to finalize your keywords which is the primary activity of PPC campaign. Based on your focused business location select the country name from the drop down and start your keyword research. For instance, Hotels in Miami, Best Hotels in Miami, Hotel Suites, Best Hotel Suites in Miami etc.

Create Landing Pages

The landing pages of your PPC ad campaigns determine the success of your PPC efforts. You need to have a relevant and appropriate landing page for your ad with quality and resourceful content that makes the reader or visitor to make an action.

Let’s take an example about a hotel suite in Miami. Say you have created an advert ‘Best Hotel Suite in Miami’ with compelling description. Now a user clicks on your ad and lands on a page that talks about Miami hotel suite. Here, in order for user to make an action to book a reservation the landing page should have complete information about the suite in terms of facilities in the suite like area, bed size, kitchen, price, view from the suite etc.

The most important thing the page need to have is the call-to-action attribute, where the user need to make an action booking a reservation once he reads the landing page content or the details of the hotel suite in Miami.

Please express your thoughts and opinions on this discussion about digital marketing strategies for hotel industry in the comments below.

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Sirish Sunkara
Sirish is our Digital Marketing Analyst. He is an expert in SEO (Online Marketing), Content Writing, Google Analytics and Google Adwords (PPC).